About Casinos on the Moon

Decided to make a place to dump the dumb things I make. Mostly random doodles that I created a while ago as a one-a-day challenge to myself.

“Casinos on the moon” comes from a 30 Rock episode (season 5, episode 7 – Brooklyn Without Limits). A one-off character running for president makes the claim that if you vote for him, he will make sure to build casinos on the moon. That’s pretty much it. I just found that line funny.

Also 30 Rock is my favourite show ever and always.

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In-doodle-ty War Pt. 1 – Iron Man

In preparation for Avengers: Infinity War, I’m re-watching all of the Marvel films and doodling my favourite part of each one.

First up, Iron Man (the best Avenger). I loved how gritty the beginning of the movie was, how different it was from other super hero movies of the time, and the way Tony Stark has no actual powers but builds his own cool stuff. Oh, and Back in Black being the song to start off the movie. So good.

The best scene is when Tony is visiting that small town in the Middle East and happily walks away from the ice cream tank with a delicious cone. I know it’s a bit cliché and the critics hated it but I really thought it brought the story lines together.

A Berry Bad Decision

Definitely a lazy one, even the title is wrong. I was going to draw a Yoshi berry thing in the mouse trap but then I forgot and just drew cheese . I just wanted to doodle Yoshi really.

From February 13, 2016

Lazy Afternoon

Drew this after coming back from an opening day viewing of Deadpool after lectures. Even got a little figurine Deadpool who sits on the corner of my monitor 🙂

From February 12, 2016



Corona Joe

The most famous ranger on Canada’s east coast. Howdy, cowboy!

UPDATE: Joe had a wood burning made of the doodle . Amazing, so honoured.


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