About Casinos on the Moon

Decided to make a place to dump the dumb things I make. Mostly random doodles that I created a while ago as a one-a-day challenge to myself.

“Casinos on the moon” comes from a 30 Rock episode (season 5, episode 7 – Brooklyn Without Limits). A one-off character running for president makes the claim that if you vote for him, he will make sure to build casinos on the moon. That’s pretty much it. I just found that line funny.

Also 30 Rock is my favourite show ever and always.

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Iron Version

Iron Man is the best Avenger. End of discussion. GIFs are too much work or else I’d make it look like the one below.

From February 7, 2016

The Sun Rising

A “doodle-ly” animation that was done for grade 12 English class. We were all given a list of poems to choose from and had to present the poem through a different medium (at least I think that’s what the task was?). Being a teenager with a huge crush on the girl sitting in the row behind me, I obviously picked the poem about love.

Watch the video here!

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